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[STUMP] & modules.lisp changes

From: Ivy Foster
Subject: [STUMP] & modules.lisp changes
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2008 21:55:50 -0600
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Here's a patch. To, this adds an optional `destdir' option
to `make install'; this can be useful for packaging (i.e., the sources
are built to go in, say, /usr, but when they're `make install'-ed you can
sneak 'em into a directory that'll become a package. It also fixes an
uninstall error resulting from the fact that `install-info --remove'
apparently likes to have the info file still in the directory when
it's run.

As to modules.lisp, the location of the modules is no longer static.
You can move them wherever the heck you want (as long as they're all
in one directory) and then run `set-contrib-dir' to tell stumpwm where
to find them. (You can set the *contrib-dir* variable directly, but
`set-contrib-dir' turns the string passed to it into a properly
formatted path and appends a '/' to the end if necessary.) This patch
is also useful for packaging, and for people who like moving things
around just to be difficult.

Share and enjoy!


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