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[STUMP] Latest commit introduces frame-resizing problem

From: Philip M. White
Subject: [STUMP] Latest commit introduces frame-resizing problem
Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2008 19:50:03 -0600
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The commit a6d595937be4244ed0a1334e7cfe1a81c5b6c938 introduces the
following reproducible problem for me: at any time, pressing the
sequence "C-t C-S C-t r" causes the following error:

  Error In Command 'resize -10 0':
  SYSTEM::%STRUCTURE-REF: NIL is not a structure of type STUMPWM:HEAD

after which I can no longer use stumpwm with its C-t keybinding and have
no choice but to Ctrl-Alt-Bksp.

My screen resolution is 1440x900 and I compile stumpwm with clisp.


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