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Re: [STUMP] Problem with Mathematica 6

From: Kresimir Kumericki
Subject: Re: [STUMP] Problem with Mathematica 6
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 22:07:36 +0200
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On (18 Oct 21:14), Shawn wrote:
> What happens if you open an xterm, switch to the stumpwm dir and run:
> Xephyr/XNest -ac :1
> clisp -K full
> (load "asdf.lisp")
> (load "cl-ppcre/cl-ppcre.asd")
> (load "stumpwm.asd")
> (asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op 'stumpwm)
> (stumpwm:stumpwm)
> I'm curious if, interactively, it produces a more informative error.

Unfortunately, it doesn't. However, it turns out that problem is
present ONLY when stumpwm is started within vnc session! And only
when vnc server (under Debian Linux) is Xtightvnc. If I use
Xvnc4 server everything works fine, as well as with Xephyr or
just within normal X session. Also, it doesn't depend on vnc client.
To repeat, both of the following has to be satisfied in order
for the stumpw to crash:
  1) clisp stumpw
  2) tightvnc vnc session
I attach the terminal dump, if it is of any help. (There is one point
when I have to type 'continue' in any case, but this doesn't affect
the final crashing or non-crashing of stumpwm.)
All the best,

Kresimir Kumericki                  

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