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Re: [STUMP] Colon command to start up programming environment

From: Johan Andersson
Subject: Re: [STUMP] Colon command to start up programming environment
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2008 21:02:29 +0200

Here's what I ended up with:

(define-frame-preference "terms"
  (0 nil t :class "URxvt" :title "scs")
  (1 nil t :class "URxvt" :title "scc")
  (2 nil t :class "URxvt" :title "svn")
  (3 nil t :class "URxvt" :title "sql"))

(define-frame-preference "other"
  (0 nil nil :class "Emacs")
  (1 nil nil :class "Firefox"))

(define-stumpwm-command "programming"()
  (gnew "terms")
  (run-shell-command "urxvt -title scs")
  (run-shell-command "urxvt -title scc")
  (run-shell-command "urxvt -title sql")
  (run-shell-command "urxvt -title svn")

  (gnew "other")
  (run-shell-command "firefox")
  (run-shell-command "emacs"))

Works like a charm. Thanks alot!

On Sat, Oct 18, 2008 at 1:40 AM, Shawn <address@hidden> wrote:
"Johan Andersson" <address@hidden> writes:

> I actually tried that by looking at the sample that follows the source. But it didn't
> seem to work in my case. Or I didn't understand how to use it.
> For example. I work a lot with Rails. So I want four URxvt terminals in one group and
> then Emacs and Firefox in another group. I couldn't figure out how to specify that URxvt
> should be opened in frames 0 to 3.

I think the thing to do is to run 4 rxvts and give them each different
titles, then write rules to match each title.

> I also tried with dump-window-placement-rules, but that only gave me a file containing

You need to first run the command remember to make a generic placement
rule for the current window. Do this on the windows you want to
remember, then run dump-window-placement-rules.


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