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[STUMP] Colon command to start up programming environment

From: Johan Andersson
Subject: [STUMP] Colon command to start up programming environment
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2008 17:35:52 +0200


Just got Stumpwm working, and so far I love it! =) Thanks for this great software!

I like to do scripts in both Emacs and Bash to automate stuff I do a lot. So I thought Stumpwm would help me with a couple of stuff to.

I want to start a programming environment by running a (colon) command. So I tried something like this:
(define-stumpwm-command "programming"()
(gnew "programming")
(run-shell-command "emacs")
(run-shell-command "firefox")
(run-shell-command "urxvt")
(run-shell-command "urxvt")
But it won't work. And I guess that is because the Lisp command run-shell-command only sends a signal to the shell and then goes on to the next command. And because of that the programs have not yet had time to start up. And because of that all goes wrong.

How can I solve this?


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