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[Sks-devel] seeking peers for

From: Petru Ghita
Subject: [Sks-devel] seeking peers for
Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2013 01:11:49 +0100
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Hello and happy new year to everybody,

I am looking for peers for a new SKS keyserver installation.

I am running SKS version 1.1.4, on
We are an small IT company, and as part of a new project we are starting
to run our own keyserver!
The server is physically located in Germany (EU).
The machine has IPv4 connectivity.

I have loaded a keydump from, dated 04-Jan-2013 at 01:37.
I see 3190051 keys loaded.

For operational issues, please contact me directly. 11370 # Petru Ghita Sherar <address@hidden>

Thank you,
Petru Ghita

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