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[Sks-devel] Several questions.

From: Dinko Korunic
Subject: [Sks-devel] Several questions.
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2004 11:42:01 +0100
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Hi. I believe I've successfuly setup a new SKS server, but through
monitoring it I've come across these messages:

2004-03-19 00:20:05 Error fetching key from hash
5FE5E79695DF5FA4D3EE635EA233C920: Not_found

I've sorted out logs and checked for duplicates - and there was only 1
(appeared two times in a row and then dissapeared). Are these caused by
reconcilliation proces? 

Next question is regarding the "build" (not fastbuild). I've chosen to
build initial SKS KDB via regular, slow build. I've expected it (I
haven't seen real detailed documentation on these, unfortunately) it
collect keys from dump/*pgp as fastbuild does - but instead it made
initial KDB (empty DB4 databases) so I had to sks merge dump/*pgp
afterwards and then sks pbuild. Is that normal and expected?

Last question is about the daily histograms - is there any way to get it
in cleartext? I don't have problems fetching it from X-HKP via op=stats,
but I'd rather have it locally and preferably stacked into different
files (or appended to a single file). I'd like to plot the values
into the day/month/year key statistics.


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