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Re: [Sks-devel] malformed entry?

From: Peter Palfrader
Subject: Re: [Sks-devel] malformed entry?
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2004 22:22:10 +0100
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Jan Dreyer schrieb am Sonntag, dem 07. März 2004:

> It seems that my previous mail was dedicated to nirvana :-/
> Here it is again:

Maybe you have to use the address that you are subscribed with?

> My setting up of sks at is very fresh, and I found 
> only poorest documentation.
> The man-page doesn't deserve to get called one (that's one reason why i 
> think, it should be version 0.X). And the wiki-pages (which are only 
> mentioned here from time to time) seem outdated.

Yes, good sks documentation does not really exist yet.  This is the main
reason the Debian package has not yet been uploaded.

> We are using the cvs-version (I think, the one included in the 
> debian-test-version), so I thought there are predominantly elder 
> (stable) versions of sks installed.
> So I took al look now on the serverlist in the wiki and found:
> --
> 2 servers running 1.0.4
> 3 servers running 1.0.5
> 6 servers (+4 in testing) running 1.0.6
> --
> So my question(s):
> Is the cvs-version marked as cvs in any way? Or is the 1.0.6 the 
> cvs-version?

all "1.0.6" versions are more or less recent cvs snapshots.  There is
nothing in the version string that indicated that tho.  Yaron, maybe you
could change the version to 1.0.5+cvs or something like that in between

> For which version is the documentation at the wiki?

Not that much has changed, so it should work for all of them.

> The setup-Page only shows the fastbuild-path (though recommended would 
> be 'build').

build and fastbuild work quite similar.

> The example of the sksconf only shows Options with parameters (so you 
> have to trial and error to get the correct syntax for (p.ex.) 
> 'initial_stat' - or learn ocaml ... ;)
> I just got started with sks, so I don't want presume to edit the 
> sks-wiki to correct (?) this. Maybe these are too young features?

Please just edit the wiki, it can only improve.

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