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zh_CN.po initial rough version (ignore bug warning in cvs)

From: boud
Subject: zh_CN.po initial rough version (ignore bug warning in cvs)
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 02:32:47 +0100 (CET)

hi again samizdat-devel,

We have an initial rough, incomplete zh_CN (mainland Chinese) po file
in cvs:

i put the comment:

samizdat- seems to
require installing the .mo file in   zh/  and using  zh  in the config.yaml
file instead of zh_CN/ and zh_CN respectively

but this in fact only seems to be the case with the old version of ruby-gettext which is installed on debian-sarge. On etch, zh_CN/ in the /usr/share/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/ tree and zh_CN in languages: in
/etc/samizdat/sites/<site>.yaml  work fine with 070818.  :)

So ignore the warning: it's out of date.

Any zh_CN speakers feel free to complete/correct the file!

As with ja, i haven't put this in defaults.yaml: IMHO both need some
serious feedback from users before they should be added to the defaults,
especially in the zh_CN case which is still only about 2/3 complete.


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