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Re: New snapshot: optional RDF subqueries, improved pagination, 0.6.1 RC

From: boud
Subject: Re: New snapshot: optional RDF subqueries, improved pagination, 0.6.1 RC1
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 01:32:11 +0100 (CET)

hi dmitry, everyone,

On Sat, 16 Feb 2008, Dmitry Borodaenko wrote:

New snapshot is out, check samizdat package in

Main feature of this snapshot is the new DataSet based pagination
system. See lib/samizdat/engine/dataset.rb for implementation details,
it's no rocket science.

So now is the time to test it, and send in translations updates,
one-line bugfixes, and other small and easy stuff. After couple of
weeks and one or two more bugfix releases, Samizdat 0.6.1 will be
released, even if your favorite bug isn't fixed or your favorite
language is missing a few strings.

i haven't had time to check the previous snapshot, and i can't
guarantee that i'll have time to check the new one and update the
various bugfixes/patches to work with 080214-2 during the next few
weeks. However, i will try. :)

IMHO, it's quite important that the bugs in the translation mechanism
get fixed before doing a new point release, especially since this is
one of the key strong points of samizdat which seem to be absent in
things like drupal, joomla and so on:

crosslink to patch 5882 =
bug-fix: separate_translation patch 0.4.2 (vs samizdat-

As i mentioned here:

The 070618 version seems to work correctly only when the parent article
is in the accept_language. Otherwise, there is a problem.

My guess is that some of the other suggested bug fixes could be easily
done as well (maybe they have been, since i haven't looked at 080214-2
yet...), and in terms of making sure that translation mechanisms work
well and robustly, this one:

locale2lang-0.1 - BUG + fix: fallback to language_only extracted from
Accept-Language http header is needed

should probably be easy and safe.


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