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2 bugs reports on wiki: should they be on the savannah bug list?

From: boud
Subject: 2 bugs reports on wiki: should they be on the savannah bug list?
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2007 23:27:07 +0200 (CEST)

hi Dmitry, all,

Since the savannah bug+patch tracking system seems to be working nicely,
i'd like to copy the two bugs listed on:

to savannah, but only if they are still bugs!

IMPORTANT: textdomain.rb Security Error - Insecure operation - exist?
    * 0.6.0
    * gettext-0.8.0-1
          o important - since the user sees a crash
          o less than critical - because reloading the page overrides the bug

i haven't noticed this bug occurring recently.

Is this likely to have been fixed by the MVC refactoring?

Should we list it on savannah or not?

IMPORTANT: libgettext-ruby-1.7.0 converts latin-1 charsets from UTF-8 to 
LATIN-1 = ISO-8859-1

    * 0.6.0
    * libgettext-ruby-1.7.0-1 converts es and fr msgstr's from UTF-8
      to ISO-8859-1, keeps polish and cyrillic charset's in UTF-8
          o important - since users don't want to have to manually
          switch their charset's
    * seems to be fixed -- BouD - 23 Jun 2007

i don't remember if something specific was done to correct this, but libgettext-ruby-1.7.0-1 now seems OK to me. At the moment i don't think
this should be put on savannah.

On the topic of cleaning up bug status levels, for bugs listed on savannah,
i suggest we discuss them on the mailing list before closing any bugs.
Even if usually only 2 people are active, it's probably a good idea to
keep bugs open until we're reasonably confident they're solved.


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