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Re: Snapshot: 2007-02-18

From: boud
Subject: Re: Snapshot: 2007-02-18
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2007 23:10:00 +0100 (CET)

hi Dmitry,

On Sun, 18 Feb 2007, Dmitry Borodaenko wrote:

This snapshot incorporates the most easy and uncontroversial from
Boud's suggestions and patches, such as translation-related fixes
(including ellipsis and Front Page link), image links starting with
//, and hidden messages.


Expect it in experimental soon.

Status of other outstanding issues:
- calendar: at a quick glance, the design seems to be too intrusive, I
need more time to have a good look at it and see what can be done
about it
- rss-import: I still need to refactor message handling so that this
can be done in a cleaner way

Just a quick comment to avoid any misunderstandings: i will NOT be
offended at all if you completely rewrite my "feature patches" from
scratch. i'm a newbie in ruby and that's no secret :P.  While i would
like, in principle, to write elegant, compact, robust,
well-documented, bug-free code, my primary goal at the moment is to at
least get something "that works" and that doesn't have any bugs that i
(or others) can find and that can be used at least until someone else
either improves it or rewrites a better one from scratch.

If it happens that one or more of my features can be improved rather
than totally rewritten from scratch, great! But i don't want samizdat
to become heavy and unwieldy just because someone is helping me learn
ruby (and good programming style). So even if my code gets "thrown away"
due to a better written patch, it will still have served several useful
purposes (temporarily providing the functionality and helping me learn
something about ruby and samizdat) - it won't be wasted.

Bug-reporting - yes, of course, using the nongnu/savannah bug mechanism
makes sense - i had not really noticed it before.


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