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user barrier - ambiguity about "content" vs "upload content from file"

From: boud
Subject: user barrier - ambiguity about "content" vs "upload content from file"
Date: Sat, 3 Feb 2007 00:41:57 +0100 (CET)

yep, me again.

Something i had trouble with the very first times i tried samizdat,
and someone new trying it out on the demo site :) also had problems is the following.

When the user would like to publish a non-text media item, s/he
clicks on publish and then looks for the place where a non-text item
should go.

S/he sees:

"Content:"  - a box for text

Below this, "Upload content from file:"

His/her natural interpretation, based on the idealised logical axiom
that A==A, or "content" == "content", is that the box for uploading a file is intending for uploading *text* from a file.

Since s/he wishes to upload an image and not text, s/he thinks that this
is clearly not the right place and that uploading images, audio, video
probably doesn't work/hasn't been installed, whatever.

Of course, the two usages of the word "content" have different contexts,
the first is something like   content.is_text? and the second something
liek   content AND !content.is_text?  (probably wrong ruby syntax, sorry).

To the programmer, this is OK.  To the user, this is discouraging.

IMHO we must change this to something where the risk of the user
misinterpreting the text string is minimised.

The source of the question is here:

538:        [:label, 'file', _('Upload content from file')],


(1) "Upload multimedia from file:"

(2) "Upload multimedia content from file:"

(3) "Upload image (or other non-text medium) from file:"

(4) "Upload image (audio, video, ...):"

(5) "Upload image/audio/video:"


(1) "Upload multimedia from file:"
FOR:  fashionable
AGAINST:  fashionable; literally wrong (image or audio is a monomedium)

(2) "Upload multimedia content from file:"
FOR:  fashionable, shorter than (1)
AGAINST: fashionable; literally wrong (image or audio is a monomedium)

(3) "Upload image (or other non-text medium) from file:"
AGAINST: long; many people don't know that (en) "1 medium + 1 medium = 2 media"

(4) "Upload image (audio, video, ...):"
FOR:  probably my favourite

(5) "Upload image/audio/video:"
AGAINST: hardwired (might be other types of media in future?)

i don't have strong opinions between these 5 or similar options,
but i think the present text string is a problem.


"Content:"  becomes  "Text content:"

"Upload content from file:"
"Upload other content from file:" or
"Upload non-text content from file:"

Literally speaking, this would be correct.

Argument against: "Text content" is a more complex expression than


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