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Re: expand_aliases-0.1 (mediawiki calls these templates)

From: Dmitry Borodaenko
Subject: Re: expand_aliases-0.1 (mediawiki calls these templates)
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2007 14:11:26 +0000

On 12/6/06, boud <address@hidden> wrote:
Something which is very powerful in mediawiki is what they call templates,

I think the best term for this feature in Samizdat context would be
"message label". "Template" is a completely wrong term for this, and
"alias" is also a bit off the mark. "Alias" is a relation between two
names, while "Label" is a relation between a name and a thing.

* should aliases be openly publishable? (on wikipedia many are semi-protected)
* should they be in the config file?
   in an additional config file in yaml format?

Some time in 0.6.x series, I plan to replace "message description"
feature (which proved to be quite useless and confusing) with a system
of message attachments. Primary purpose of this is better
incorporation of images into articles (the current approach of first
posting image as a reply and then adding <img> link to it is one of
the more shameful parts of Samizdat design). Description will also be
published as a text attachment.

Samizdat is designed for total reuse of concepts, so I think it makes
sense to make the attachments system support this idea, too. I still
haven't formed the complete vision of how this would work, but "attach
a label to this message" sounds quite reasonable.

We already have "dct:isPartOf" RDF property in our schema, even though
it isn't mapped to the database and isn't implemented in the code. We
can define sub-properties such as dc:description (already there but
isn't sub-property of dct:isPartOf), s:label, s:illustration (for
images and the like) to refine how particular attachments should be

Dmitry Borodaenko

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