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automatic URLs for plain text format?

From: boud
Subject: automatic URLs for plain text format?
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006 05:14:23 +0100 (CET)

hi dmitry, all,

On Thu, 30 Nov 2006, Dmitry Borodaenko wrote:

On 11/30/06, boud <address@hidden> wrote:
You're right: /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/uri/ has the necessary stuff.

How does this look:  patch-autoURL-0.2 ?

Any chance of this getting into 0.6.0? ;)

Err, 0.6.0 is out already. I've sent announcements to all possible


i don't see any obvious things that got broken :).  And the updated
documentation looks very nice.

Take a look at the auto-url code I've put into the release, I found
out that it should be a bit more complicated: we need to limit it to a
certain list of URL schemes so as to avoid false positives, and to
avoid grabbing punctuation that goes after the URL, because people are
much more likely to write something like "look http://here/, and there
(ftp://too/)", than to really mean URLs to end with punctuation

Your version looks OK - i see you used URI::ABS_URI_REF since it's already
defined as a regexp object in uri/common.rb.

There remains a bug for URLs of the type:


i.e. if a ":" is anywhere in the URL, but i think this probably happens
elsewhere when further "cleaning" up the content. The resulting html is


i'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature, since URLs with port
numbers are not very common any more and are probably not recommended
for usability, and i don't know whether the colon is considered to be
a standard character to be allowed in URLs.

BTW: Quite a big discussion on looking at cms'es for the "IMC Alternatives"
collective/website is going on at:

It looks like people are about to start trying a drupal development
server - if we can offer a samizdat development server (no need to
worry about bandwidth), then people (including "non-techies" or admin-but-non-programmer techies) might see how it works and maybe even
give useful feedback for development.

e.g. we could give some very nice answers to most of the points in
this email:

My guess is the actual imc-cms discussion process is de facto
suspended since looking for servers is a huge priority issue right
now. On the other hand, people wanting a new cms are not going to wait
for the imc-cms group to come up with a formal, structured decision,
and IMHO they're not going to try samizdat unless someone "techie"
helps them.  i'm unlikely to have time, but i thought i'd mention it

BTW(2): i made my very first samizdat cvs commit - on the file
about.html .  Maybe cvs is not so complicated anyway, it's just

info cvs

which gives a huge amount of info and warnings. :)


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