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Re: New snapshot: candidate 2 for 0.6.0

From: boud
Subject: Re: New snapshot: candidate 2 for 0.6.0
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2006 01:39:27 +0100 (CET)

hi samizdat-devel,

On Sun, 29 Oct 2006, Dmitry Borodaenko wrote:

Now the only thing left before the release is documentation. Boud, do
you want CVS access for Samizdat home page?

If this means i can update the doc pages including the home page:

then yes, please give me access. At the moment, a casual reader (e.g.
someone like me ;) gets the impression that development on samizdat
got stuck two years ago. The changes i recommend (sent earlier on this
list) are mostly very small but will show that the project is alive and evolving. :)


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