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Re: [IMC-Tech] invalid code

From: Dmitry Borodaenko
Subject: Re: [IMC-Tech] invalid code
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 01:38:52 +0000

On 11/13/06, boud <address@hidden> wrote:

(1) front page: gets just one error:

required attribute "alt" not specified. Front Page"><img src="imc.png" /> <span style="vertical-ali...

This is included from site configuration. Added alt attribute for
Belarus and Ukraine IMCs.

provided that it's first filtered through these two ampersand escaping hacks:

| sed -e 's/\&feed/\&amp;feed/g' |sed -e 's/\& IMC Docs/\&amp; IMC Docs/g'

I remember doing it once before, but it seems I forgot about this and
put some more &'s in the code. Cleaned up again, will release updated
version soon.

The last one is from cities.xml, fixed cities.rb to HTML-escape
strings received from parsing it.

(2) an article:

This has just one error - the same "required attribute "alt" not specified."

Same thing, went with grep '&' through the code and cleaned it
everywhere. It was only a handful of places, majority of code already
did the right thing.

i expect these will be easy to fix in time for samizdat 0.6.0...

Just when I wanted to release it ;-) Btw, we're still missing some
translations updates...

Dmitry Borodaenko

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