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Re: more feedback: editable messages? etc....

From: Dmitry Borodaenko
Subject: Re: more feedback: editable messages? etc....
Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2005 20:14:13 +0200
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On Tue, Sep 06, 2005 at 01:57:57AM +0200, boud wrote:
> While people are thinking about the sanitize bug,

Btw, I still couldn't reproduce it. Can you try it again with the latest
Samizdat snapshot (there's a package in Debian/experimental)? I think
it's time I'd spend some time on trying to shake this out...

> (1) how important is pingback ?
> First, a general question: does pingback need to be setup right from the 
> beginning?

No, and no. There's a reason for it being disabled by default, right? :)

Do you think this needs to be further clarified in install.txt?

> (2) install.txt/debian set up scripts - IMHO the user should be told
> to look through all the options in config.yaml and have a lot more
> explanation on what they are - #comments in the config.yaml itself (as
> in apache/httpd.conf) with full explanations might also be a good idea
> - the httpd.conf internal doc is not 100% clear, but it is mostly
> fairly readable.

Done. See config.yaml (and seriously updated install.txt) in the latest

> (3) Aggregation (wiki) - how can this be turned on?
> i published with (message.rb) some messages, with the editable box
> clicked on. However, i can't find any page from which i can edit these
> allegedly editable messages.
> Any hints on how to turn on the wikification?

The option you're looking for is openForAll (open in the db).

Guest user (not logged in) is not allowed to edit even the openForAll
messages. I am still think at how best to explain this to end user.

> (4) focus: i haven't (so far) found out how (through the web interface
> as a moderator) how to apply the focuses listed in config.yaml:
> focus:
>   - 'focus::Quality'   # default focus
>   - 'focus::Priority'
>   - 'focus::Relevance'

These are actually a relic of the past, and right now are only used by
unit tests. I will probably get rid of these: it's better to have each
site define their own focuses by hand.

> i found some way of doing something related to focuses and resources
> and it had some effects (link them together with ratings in the range
> -2 to +2), and i'm sure if i read a bit more it will become clearer,
> but IMHO we're going to have to have a lot more intuitive user
> interfaces - e.g. with diagrams, not just words - if we want people
> who are already unfamiliar with tech stuff to be able to handle this.

Yes. I think I will postpone this until I can migrate Samizdat to Rails
framework, it will allow for a richer Web UI.

> (5) message.rb - misleading error message for ^J^J in text/uri-list
> i tried previewing the message
> # guest writes an editable message... as in
> and got
> User Error
> text/uri-list should contain at least one absolute URI.
> although the error was due to having the third line empty (^J^J)
> IMHO this error message is misleading, since although it is true, it
> says nothing about what the real error is. Probably it is a bad idea
> to code a... URL directly into  message.rb - 
> On the other hand, my guess is that this option is for people with
> some level of "tech" understanding of the web, so probably it's not a
> priority to correct anyway - tech people know how to find tech
> answers.

Right. Btw, text/uri-list was introduce for the sake of Pingback, and
will go away together with it. And it isn't intended for non-tech users,
they should use Textile instead.

Dmitry Borodaenko

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