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more feedback: editable messages? etc....

From: boud
Subject: more feedback: editable messages? etc....
Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 01:57:57 +0200 (CEST)

hi all,

While people are thinking about the sanitize bug, here's my experience
so far with some other parts of the default setup.

(1) how important is pingback ?
First, a general question: does pingback need to be setup right from the beginning?

(2) install.txt/debian set up scripts - IMHO the user should be told
to look through all the options in config.yaml and have a lot more
explanation on what they are - #comments in the config.yaml itself
(as in apache/httpd.conf) with full explanations might also be a good
idea - the httpd.conf internal doc is not 100% clear, but it is mostly
fairly readable.

(3) Aggregation (wiki) - how can this be turned on?

i published with (message.rb) some messages, with the editable box
clicked on. However, i can't find any page from which i can edit
these allegedly editable messages.

there is discussion of  dct:isVersionOf
and in config.yaml i have:

  'dct::isVersionOf': {Message: version_of}

The string "edit_page" only seems to be present in message.rb for
previewing a page - i can't find it anywhere else.

Any hints on how to turn on the wikification?

(4) focus: i haven't (so far) found out how (through the web interface
as a moderator) how to apply the focuses listed in config.yaml:
  - 'focus::Quality'   # default focus
  - 'focus::Priority'
  - 'focus::Relevance'

i found some way of doing something related to focuses and resources
and it had some effects (link them together with ratings in the range
-2 to +2), and i'm sure if i read a bit more it will become clearer,
but IMHO we're going to have to have a lot more intuitive user
interfaces - e.g. with diagrams, not just words - if we want people
who are already unfamiliar with tech stuff to be able to handle this.

(5) message.rb - misleading error message for ^J^J in text/uri-list

i tried previewing the message

# guest writes an editable message... as in

and got

User Error
text/uri-list should contain at least one absolute URI.

although the error was due to having the third line empty (^J^J)

IMHO this error message is misleading, since although it is true, it
says nothing about what the real error is. Probably it is a bad idea
to code a... URL directly into message.rb -

On the other hand, my guess is that this option is for people with some level of "tech" understanding of the web, so probably it's not a priority to correct anyway - tech people know how to find tech answers.


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