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Samizdat 0.5.0 RC1 in CVS

From: Dmitry Borodaenko
Subject: Samizdat 0.5.0 RC1 in CVS
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 18:14:51 +0200
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Basic focus management, the main feature of the next Samizdat release,
is finished. Feature-wise, Samizdat is now ready to be used as an open
publishing system, so the upcoming 0.5.0 release deserves a bit more
fanfare than previous versions.

First of all, this version will be the first public beta of Samizdat,
which means that everyone is welcome to take it and try to set up an
open publishing site based on it. The version bump from previous 0.0.4
patch level to 0.5.0 minor version is intended to denote the upgrade of
Samizdat status to beta and to leave room for bugfixing releases.

Because of public beta release, this version should be more stable and
well-tested. That problem is already addressed by new unit tests suite,
but coverage of the test suite still has to be expanded, in particular,
scalability tests should be added.

Another important task is getting an experimental public Samizdat
deployment. Setting Samizdat up out there in the wild will hopefully
produce feedback on the users expectations and engine's rough edges.

Finally, there is one small piece of functionality still missing:
Pingback client still waits to be implemented to complement the Pingback
server which is already in CVS. Pingback is not a critical feature for
0.5.0 release, but it is already half there, and ability to interoperate
with the blog community which it provides fits nicely into the open
publishing part of Samizdat.

Stay tuned,

Dmitry Borodaenko

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