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[rdiff-backup-users] Delay between EndTime and process end

From: Laurent De Buyst
Subject: [rdiff-backup-users] Delay between EndTime and process end
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2013 11:06:51 +0200

Hello again and thanks for the repsonse yesterday.

One other issue we're having that has us a bit baffled is that the EndTime as reported by the script (--stats option) does not seem to correspond to the end of the process.

We're calling rdiff-backup through a python subprocess call which gives us timestamped logs and, well, some examples should make it clear:

2013/07/30 08:47:50 STOP       Operation log:
--------------[ Session statistics ]--------------
StartTime 1375145098.00 (Tue Jul 30 02:44:58 2013)
EndTime 1375166863.38 (Tue Jul 30 08:47:43 2013)

Here we have a delay of 7 seconds between the reported EndTime and the end of the subprocess call.

2013/07/30 08:41:11 STOP       Operation log:
--------------[ Session statistics ]--------------
StartTime 1375140698.00 (Tue Jul 30 01:31:38 2013)
EndTime 1375160443.17 (Tue Jul 30 07:00:43 2013)

An hour and 40 minutes difference...

2013/07/30 07:01:52 STOP       Operation log:
--------------[ Session statistics ]--------------
StartTime 1375127531.00 (Mon Jul 29 21:52:11 2013)
EndTime 1375129267.41 (Mon Jul 29 22:21:07 2013)

Almost 9 hours of difference!

Now my question is: is there anything in rdiff-backup itself that could explain this? Some part of the script that still runs after the stats are printed and that could suffer big delays? If that's not it, then we clearly need to look into our I/O, possibly our write cache, but I'd like to eliminate the easy possibilities first.

Thanks in advance

Laurent De Buyst
ICT - System Administrator

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