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Re: [rdiff-backup-users] Fatal Error: Lost connection to the remote syst

From: Dominic Raferd
Subject: Re: [rdiff-backup-users] Fatal Error: Lost connection to the remote system
Date: Sun, 09 Jun 2013 12:16:25 +0100
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The best source for info about rdiff-backup is presently this mailing list! The online documentation is quite old, although we now have a new maintainer in Ned so things are looking up.

Yes, you should be able to run rdiff-backup locally on the server with --check-destination-dir to regress the archive (repository) to a previous stable condition. If this doesn't work I have a script at http://www.timedicer.co.uk/programs/help/rdiff-backup-regress.sh.php which forces it to happen, but I doubt you will need this (it is mostly for situations where you want to regress an undamaged archive).

Dominic http://www.timedicer.co.uk

Quoting Grant <address@hidden>:

> Thank you, I didn't realize that was a best practice.  Is this
> documented anywhere?
> Is there any way to execute the "regressing destination now" operation
> on the server without involving the client?
> - Grant
>> Are you running this over the internet? I wouldn't advise this precisely
>> because of these sorts of problems. rdiff-backup really needs a reliable
>> connection, rsync is better for backup over the internet. If you need the
>> extra functionality of rdiff-backup, either run rdiff-backup locally on the
>> remote system (or its lan) and then rsync the resulting repository to your
>> laptop, or rsync the data from remote to your laptop and then use
>> rdiff-backup locally on your laptop. I do the former.
>>> I'm trying to back up from a remote system to my laptop but I get:
>>> "Previous backup seems to have failed, regressing destination now."
>>> And then after a few hours:
>>> "Write failed: Broken pipe
>>> Fatal Error: Lost connection to the remote system"
>>> My connection to the remote system seems fine the entire time and
>>> during this process there seems to be long periods of time with no
>>> data being transferred between my laptop and the remote system and no
>>> disk activity on my laptop's backup disk which seems strange.  How can
>>> I get this working again?
>>> - Grant
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