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Re: [rdiff-backup-users] rdiff-backup file consistency

From: D. Kriesel
Subject: Re: [rdiff-backup-users] rdiff-backup file consistency
Date: Sat, 09 Jun 2012 10:29:52 +0200
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Thanks for mentioning obnam, which I have not known so far. Seems to have some 
very nice features even though I would be interested in how it internally works 
(what kind of deltas are used, how efficient is the transmission (comparable to 

Maybe I will give it a shot :-)

Nicolas Jungers <address@hidden> schrieb:

>Hi Sorvath,
>I use rdiff-backup with TB sized data stores, some churning 10's of GB
>day (I haven't so far experienced any problem), but if I had to shop
>a new backup system I'd investigate obnam. Which I'll probably do
>On 06/08/2012 10:02 PM, shorvath wrote:
>> Hi and thanks for the replies.
>> Florian, you mention you use rdiff-backup (for max 20G) and rsync for
>> Is it not recommended to use rdiff-backup on large backups?  Mine are
>several Tb's with possible gb's daily increments.
>> Would it be recommend to stick to rsync?
>> How about backuppc?
>> What are your thoughts/comments/suggestions regarding that?
>> I backup several servers to a local backup server (daily,weekly,
>monthly) and then sync that offsite.
>> Currently each local backup is checksummed, xfered offsite and
>checksummed again.
>> We have a set of scripts that rsyncs, rotates, reports and checksums
>but unfortunately they are very inefficient and are just not up to the
>> I have the choice of rewriting them from scratch or use something
>that's already been written (rsnapshot, rdiff-backup, backuppc)
>> All are much more efficient than anything I could come up with so why
>reinvent the wheel?
>> I just need to decide on one that does, at the very least, what we're
>currently doing (albeit not very well)
>> As for ram errors...All our servers have ecc ram.
>> For bit errors... I'm VERY tempted to take the plunge into the zfs on
>linux project but despite the many good reports on stability, as this
>is a production service, I'm nervous.
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