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[rdiff-backup-users] rdiff-backup file consistency

From: shorvath
Subject: [rdiff-backup-users] rdiff-backup file consistency
Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2012 14:10:07 -0700

I have a few questions regarding file consistency of rdiff-backups?
My current backup procedure (Using rsync) uses a very exhaustive process of 
verifying the files on the remote side by first building an md5checksum of 
files backed up on the local side and comparing them on the remote side.
I'm currently considering switching to rdiff-backup.
My question is whether or not checksumming the files is even necessary (Either 
either with rsync or rdiff-backup) at all.
Doesn't rsync as well as rdiff -backup ensure file integrity in its basic 
operation and if so can anyone elaborate or point me to some reading material 
to back this up?

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