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Re: [rdiff-backup-users] Intermittent connection failures

From: Patrick Nagel
Subject: Re: [rdiff-backup-users] Intermittent connection failures
Date: Mon, 04 Jul 2011 08:24:34 +0800
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Hi Jussi,

You can increase the verbosity with the -v<value> parameter, maybe this gives 
you some more insight into what's going on. Are there any patterns? Is it 
always the same backup script where these failures occur?


Jussi Hirvi <address@hidden> wrote:

>I have something like a terabyte of stuff to backup. I do it each day 
>with more than ten rdiff-backup scripts (one for each directory).
>Lately I have been getting these errors:
>> Received disconnect from nn.nn.nn.nn: 2: Timeout, your session not
>> Fatal Error: Lost connection to the remote system
>(nn.nn.nn.nn stands for source ip).
>the script is of this type:
>rdiff-backup --exclude-special-files --force --remote-schema  "ssh -i 
>/root/.ssh/myserver.dsa %s rdiff-backup --server" 
>address@hidden::/path/to/dir /path/to/dir  1>> logfile 2>> logfile
>I have tried different things, like
>- simply rerun the script
>- throw away rdiff-backup-data directory, then try again
>- like before, then use rsync, then rdiff-backup again
>- add ServerAliveInterval 180 to /etc/ssh/ssh_config on target
>   and ClientAliveInterval 180 to sshd_config on source machine
>- add ConnectTimeout 300 to ssh_config on target machine
>Adjusting ssh_config seems to have no effect. These errors seem to 
>center on some dirs and not on others. But the errors don't occur every
>time, which makes it hard to find the reason.
>Finally, here is some version information (same versions on source and 
>- CentOS 5.6 (source 64-bit, target 32-bit)
>- rdiff-backup 1.2.8
>I could check versions of dependencies, if necessary. There may be 
>version differences because one system is 32- and the other 64-bit.
>One theory is that the router for my target machine (my modem is in 
>bridge mode, so the router is owned by cable operator) plays nasty.
>changed all ip's recently, and I think these errors started to appear 
>around the same time. Probably the whole machine has been changed, the 
>routing capabilities for my LAN changed (no more Bonjour printer 
>sharing, etc.).
>Any thoughts about the reason and remedy of the rdiff-backup errors?
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