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Re: [rdiff-backup-users] file-by-file changes from one backup to the nex

From: Henrik
Subject: Re: [rdiff-backup-users] file-by-file changes from one backup to the next
Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2011 00:19:34 +0200
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.20 (2009-06-14)

After taking another look at the file_statistcs.*.data.gz files
and at the ListChangedSince method, I decided that it was
too much of a hassle to look for all the data after the change
has happened.

Instead I went to the source of my problem (being the lack of detailed
logs about changes) and I think I've found _the_ place to fix it.
The function Increment(new, mirror, incpref) in increment.py

There during the backup I have access to old file in the current
backup (mirror), the new file that goes into the backup (new), and
the increment/snapshot file that has been created to record the
difference (incrp)

I added those lines just before the return statement:

        log.Log(" mirror: " + str(mirror) + '\n', 5)
        log.Log(" new:    " + str(new)    + '\n' , 5)
        log.Log(" incrp:  " + str(incrp)  + '\n', 5)

and here's what I get when backing up after changing the
file "foo.txt" by adding one byte:

Incrementing mirror file /backup/rdiff-backup/foto/foo.txt
 mirror: Path: /backup/rdiff-backup/foto/foo.txt
Index: ('foo.txt',)
Data: {'uid': 1000, 'perms': 420, 'type': 'reg', 'gname': 'users', 'ctime': 
1308345824, 'devloc': 65025L, 'uname': 'hlangos', 'nlink': 1, 'gid': 100, 
'mtime': 1308345695, 'atime': 1308346895, 'inode': 9043973L, 'size': 4L}

 new:    Path: /backup/rdiff-backup/foto/rdiff-backup.tmp.1
Index: ('rdiff-backup.tmp.1',)
Data: {'uid': 1000, 'perms': 420, 'type': 'reg', 'gname': 'users', 'ctime': 
1308346896, 'devloc': 65025L, 'uname': 'root', 'nlink': 1, 'gid': 100, 'mtime': 
1308346866, 'atime': 1308346895, 'inode': 9043974L, 'size': 5L}

 incrp:  Path: 
Index: ('foo.txt.2011-06-17T23:22:56+02:00.diff.gz',)
Data: {'uid': 1000, 'perms': 420, 'type': 'reg', 'gname': 'root', 'ctime': 
1308346896, 'devloc': 65025L, 'uname': 'root', 'nlink': 1, 'gid': 100, 'mtime': 
1308345695, 'atime': 1308346896, 'inode': 13254662L, 'size': 125L}

So pretty much everything that I need is there.
I'll just have to write a function that goes through that data (and does some
extra checks for directories, devices, symlinks ... and the deletion and 
of files.)

I'll probably not send a patch upstream as I will not have time
for more than the most basic functionality and I wouldn't want to
burden somebody with cleaning up my mess and adding all the error
handling that I will not need in my very limited use case.

(Just wanted to get this into the archive, in case somebody else
has a similar problem and needs a pointer to (hopefully) the right place)


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