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Re: [rdiff-backup-users] Problem with rdiff-backup

From: Alex Schuster
Subject: Re: [rdiff-backup-users] Problem with rdiff-backup
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2011 10:47:17 +0200
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Benjamin wrote:

> Since this weekend (and i also remember that problem to have occured
> earlier) i have a problem with rdiff-backup.
> When I try to backup my files (with the same command a always used) i
> get the following error (see below). At first a few notes on my
> behavior: I normally backup all my files with the command see below.
> Because that did not work with the following response:
> address@hidden Benji]# rdiff-backup '/home/Benji'
> '/media/Banjos_Wissen/Backup-Banjo'
> Previous backup seems to have failed, regressing destination now.
> ^[[D^[[DSpecialFileError .gdesklets/sockets/%3A0.0 Socket error:
> AF_UNIX path too long
> ListError .gtk-bookmarks/.gvfs [Errno 13] Permission denied:
> '/home/Benji/.gvfs'
> UpdateError Downloads/rdiff-backup.tmp.64562 [Errno 84] Invalid or
> incomplete multibyte or wide character:
> '/media/Banjos_Wissen/Backup-Banjo/rdiff-backup-data/increments/Downloads
> /330 - Der Kampf der Strohh\x81tte.avi.2011-02-18T00:21:06+01:00.missing'

Did you change your locale settings recently? I once had similar problems 
when I changed from iso9559 to utf8. My file names had question marks in 
them, and I was not able to handle them with file managers like dolphin.

You might want to check out the 'convmv' utility then. It converts file 
names between locales, and also works for whole directory hierarchies.


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