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[rdiff-backup-users] Create Missing Data

From: MikeyG79
Subject: [rdiff-backup-users] Create Missing Data
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 08:26:51 -0700

We just started using rdiff rather than rsync. Everything seems to be running 
OK so far, but I found what may be a problem in the future.

This is our basic code:
rdiff-backup.exe -v5 --force --exclude-globbing-filelist exclude.filter 
'Source' 'Destination'

Lets say the source is C:/mysql
and the destination is D:/backup

It all runs fine and does what it's supposed to - but I noticed that if I 
delete D:/backup/mysql/bin - I can't get rdiff to re-create it. rdiff compares 
the meta-data and doesn't seem to see that the backup folder/files are missing.

Am I missing an option or is there something to check or compare the files not 
just the meta-data?

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