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Re: [rdiff-backup-users] Slowdown from a few mins to >8 hours backup tim

From: Dominic Raferd
Subject: Re: [rdiff-backup-users] Slowdown from a few mins to >8 hours backup time due to one large log file
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2011 09:14:56 +0000
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That seems extraordinarily slow for rdiff-backup to backup a text file to a local disk, even a file that is 3.9GB. Was the file changing (additional log entries, maybe?) while rdiff-backup was trying to back it up?


On 01/02/2011 06:33, Patrick Nagel wrote:
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I have rdiff-backup running nightly on my home server. It keeps a versioned
backup of all relevant data on the second HDD.

I didn't monitor the backup too closely, because I didn't get any alarm that
the backup had failed. Today I looked at the logs, and noticed, that the
backup time went up from a few minutes a while back, to>8 hours.

2010-11-23T03:00: ElapsedTime 277.51 (4 minutes 37.51 seconds)
2010-11-24T03:00: ElapsedTime 438.69 (7 minutes 18.69 seconds)
2010-11-25T03:00: ElapsedTime 321.99 (5 minutes 21.99 seconds)
2010-11-26T03:00: ElapsedTime 2848.57 (47 minutes 28.57 seconds)
2010-11-27T03:00: ElapsedTime 3358.68 (55 minutes 58.68 seconds)
2010-11-28T03:00: ElapsedTime 2876.65 (47 minutes 56.65 seconds)
2010-11-29T03:00: ElapsedTime 2834.06 (47 minutes 14.06 seconds)
2010-11-30T03:00: ElapsedTime 3553.56 (59 minutes 13.56 seconds)
2010-12-01T03:00: ElapsedTime 3549.67 (59 minutes 9.67 seconds)
2010-12-02T03:00: ElapsedTime 3555.71 (59 minutes 15.71 seconds)
2010-12-10T03:00: ElapsedTime 8015.67 (2 hours 13 minutes 35.67 seconds)
2010-12-11T03:00: ElapsedTime 9066.51 (2 hours 31 minutes 6.51 seconds)
2011-01-30T03:00: ElapsedTime 28665.77 (7 hours 57 minutes 45.77 seconds)
2011-01-31T03:00: ElapsedTime 31093.79 (8 hours 38 minutes 13.79 seconds)
2011-02-01T03:00: ElapsedTime 31489.30 (8 hours 44 minutes 49.30 seconds)

By tracking what rdiff-backup was doing ('strace -p<rdiff-backup's PID>' on
another terminal), I quickly found out that it spent huge amounts of time
diffing one big file. The file was a log file, written to by a script I
wrote just around the time the backup time started to increase. I guess I
overdid it with the logging a bit, since the log file had 3.9 GB by now.
After removing the oversized log file, the backup times dropped back to
normal again:

2011-02-01T12:22: ElapsedTime 685.87 (11 minutes 25.87 seconds)
2011-02-01T13:57: ElapsedTime 468.25 (7 minutes 48.25 seconds)

Maybe the diff-algorithm used can be improved to not take so long on large
text files, especially since this one only grew into one direction, and the
other content never changed.

In any case, I'm glad the backup doesn't take the whole night any more.


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