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RE: [rdiff-backup-users] Error "Unable to compare" BUT THEN"Nochanges fo

From: Robinson, Eric
Subject: RE: [rdiff-backup-users] Error "Unable to compare" BUT THEN"Nochanges found. Directory matches." What?
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2010 14:55:57 -0700

> The rdiff-backup comparison should work if you're 
> using a recent rdiff-backup on both ends.  

You mean the rdiff-backup version? It's 1.2.8 on both servers. But does
it to an in-place comparison? If I understand the man page correctly, it
first copies the data from the dest to the source and then compares it

> If you only care about comparing with the most 
> recent backup then you could probably do something like:
> rsync -azv --del --dry-run --exclude=rdiff-backup-data/ 
> $source/ $backup/

I definitely care about more than just the most recent backup. I need to
be able to restore from prevous days, weeks, and months, which was the
whole point of using rdiff-backup in the first place. But I can
understand using the most recent backup as a benchmark for testing the
backup quality.

> P.S.  In the past I have also done this with 
> something like the following:

> find $source -type f -exec md5sum {} \; | sort -k 2 > 
> /tmp/source find $dest -type f -exec md5sum {} \; | 
> sort -k 2 > /tmp/dest diff /tmp/source /tmp/dest

That could work, too. Thanks for the suggestion.

I'd still rather just use something built into rdiff-backup if possible.

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