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Re[2]: [rdiff-backup-users] Any plans for Amazon S3 support?

From: Matt
Subject: Re[2]: [rdiff-backup-users] Any plans for Amazon S3 support?
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2008 14:45:17 +0100

CW> Not yet with rdiff-backup, but I know someone who is using ECC and testing
CW> S3 and EBS with Box Backup, and I'm planning to do the same.

I posted a few weeks ago about testing with S3 and EC2.  I was using a
FUSE based S3 filesystem and the basic result was that it was just too
slow and buggy.

Amazon ARE working on offering persistent storage volumes (up to 1TB)
with EC2 though:
These will be suitable for rdiff-backup (they claim they're fine for
database stuff, so I presume they're fast and full-featured).

I signed up for the beta and I got a mail through the other day saying
it was available. Not had a chance to check so I don't know if it's
public yet, or whether they've just added me to the beta programme.
When I get a mo I'll definitely be trying this.


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