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[rdiff-backup-users] Update a subfolder in the backup tree

From: Saptarshi Guha
Subject: [rdiff-backup-users] Update a subfolder in the backup tree
Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 18:01:47 -0400

Not sure if the title is misleading but here is my explanation. I started my regular backups like this
(0) rdiff-backup -v2 --exclude-fifos  --exclude-sockets --print-statistics --exclude ~/.Trash  ~/Library/Caches ~/ address@hidden::/ln/afterlife/home

(many more excludes)
This is run everyday and only 5 recent backups are kept. So /ln/afterlife/home is a mirror(almost) of my home folder.
Now, say I made 2 modifications in my home folder

1)made a folder X in ~/tmp/, where tmp already exists in the backup(made ages ago)
2)Updated things in ~/Y, where Y has been made before the most recent backup.

How do i update **just this new information**, without running (0).

I tried
rdiff-backup -v2 --exclude-fifos  --exclude-sockets --print-statistics --exclude ~/.Trash  ~/Library/Caches --include ~/tmp/X ~/ address@hidden::/ln/afterlife/home/

rdiff-backup -v2 --exclude-fifos  --exclude-sockets --print-statistics --exclude ~/.Trash  ~/Library/Caches --include ~/tmp/Y ~/ address@hidden::/ln/afterlife/home/
But i get
Fatal Error: Last selection _expression_:
    Command-line include glob: /Users/yanger/mystuff/tmpproj/fixme only specifies that files be included.  Because the default is to 
include all files, the _expression_ is redundant.  Exiting because this probably isn't what you meant.

So how can i can just update a single folder in my backup tree?
Many thanks

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