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[rdiff-backup-users] Possible hardlink bug?

From: David
Subject: [rdiff-backup-users] Possible hardlink bug?
Date: Thu, 8 May 2008 09:12:57 +0200

Hi list.

I hope the devs are reading this list. If not, then someone please let
me know where I should submit this to.

After some consideration of my previous mails, I think that
rdiff-backup *may* have a bug with hardlink handling.

For reference, here are my original mails:


I think, that with my version of rdiff-backup (see the 1st link for
details), if the source and dest files are hardlinks to each other,
that rdiff-backup will use extra memory unnecessarily.

As described in those mails, I have a backup system which combines
rsync (for network transport) and rdiff-backup (to get history).

Basically, my logic (as described in the first link) works like this:

1) Start with this directory structure:

/data/backup/files <- This is a rdiff-backup store
/data/backup/files/rdiff-backup-data <- This is rdiff-backup's metadata

2) Make a temporary copy which I can safely rsync into without
breaking rdiff-backup's store:

ie: rsync from /data/backups/files to  /data/backup/new (and create
hard links to conserve space and speed things up. Also, I exclude the
'rdiff-backup-data' directory)

3) Rsync from the source box, to /data/backups/files (also, delete
files from dest which aren't at source)

(using rsync service at the source because DeltaCopy is easier to
install on Windows than rdiff-backup)

4) Run rdiff-backup to push changes from /data/backups/new to

5) Remove the /data/backups/new directory

I think that in (4), rdiff-backup is using a lot of extra memory (2 GB
in my case), because in (2) I created hardlinks between rdiff-backup's
destination and source directories. rdiff-backup thinks (incorrectly
in this case) that it needs to keep track of hardlinks between
millions of pairs of files.

Could someone investigate this, and hopefully fix this bug?



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