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[rdiff-backup-users] 1.1.5 and include settings

From: apryanmd
Subject: [rdiff-backup-users] 1.1.5 and include settings
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 09:00:25 +0000

I recently upgraded my ebuild to rdiff-backup 1.1.5 and noticed some issues 
when attempting to back up data. I understand this isn't a stable release and 
I'm guessing that because of this I may be experiencing the problems I am.

Basically I created a bash script to back up several systems by selection. 
Currently when ever a back up is issued on this one system, the 
includes/excludes with in my globin filelist seem to be ignored and 
rdiff-backup simply attempts to back up the entire directory.

What I am hoping to accomplish here is to back up the following:
/mnt/anthony/Documents and Settings/anthony ber/My Documents
/mnt/anthony/Documents and Settings/anthony ber/Start Menu
/mnt/anthony/Documents and Settings/anthony ber/"Local Settings"/"Application 
/mnt/anthony/Documents and Settings/anthony ber/"Local Settings"/"Application 
/mnt/anthony/Documents and Settings/anthony ber/"Local Settings"/"Application 
/mnt/anthony/Documents and Settings/All Users/Documents/"Monolith Productions"
/mnt/anthony/Documents and Settings/All Users/"Application Data"/"Apple 
/mnt/anthony/Documents and Settings/All Users/"Application Data"/nView_Profiles

and not back up anything else. I especially added some -'d ones to make sure it 
wouldn't back up those directories. But it still does!!!

I also want to create a regex entry in there to not back up any directory or 
file with the name *cache* in it.

I know you guys tend not to offer newbies help here but I would be very 
greatfull if someone could just reply with some suggestions besides 'read man' 
etc. Prior to upgrading to 1.1.5 I did have this working pretty good minus the 
use of the '--exclude **/' and the '**/' before every dir in the globbing 


script example:


time=`date +%m%d_%H%M`
rdiff="nice /usr/bin/rdiff-backup"
dsettings="Documents and Settings"
progfiles="Program Files"
mydocs="My Documents"
mypics="My Pictures"
myfiles="My Files"
options="-v5 --force --print-statistics --exclude-sockets 
--exclude-device-files --exclude-special-files"

if [ "$1" = "anthony2" ]; then
        echo "Running rdiff-backup on NETWORK/anthony"
        $rdiff --check-destination-dir ~/backup.anthony/"$dsettings"
        $rdiff --remove-older-than $maxage --force ~/backup.anthony/"$dsettings"
        $rdiff $options --include-globbing-filelist ~/work/.backup.anthony 
--exclude **/ /mnt/anthony/"$dsettings" ~/backup.anthony/"$dsettings"
        rm $lockfile
        exit 0

address@hidden ~/work $ cat ~/work/.backup.anthony
**/"anthony ryan"/"My Documents"
**/"anthony ryan"/"Start Menu"
**/"All Users"/"Application Data"/nView_Profiles
**/"All Users"/"Application Data"/"Apple Computer"
**/"All Users"/Documents/"Monolith Productions"
**/"anthony ber"/"Local Settings"/"Application Data"/VanDyke
**/"anthony ber"/"Local Settings"/"Application Data"/Mozilla
**/"anthony ber"/"Local Settings"/"Application Data"/Thunderbird
- **/"All Users"
- **/"All Users"/"Application Data"/Microsoft
- **/"All Users"/"Application Data"/Brother/BrLog
- **/"All Users"/"Application Data"/Macromedia
- **/"All Users"/"Application Data"/Microsoft
- **/"All Users"/"Application Data"/**
- **/"anthony ber"/"Application Data"/aSecuROM
- **/"anthony ber"/"Application Data"/bSecuROM
- **/"anthony ber"/"Local Settings"
- **/"anthony ber"/"Local Settings"/**
- **/"anthony ber"/"Local Settings"/"Application 
- **/"anthony ber"/"Local Settings"/"Application Data"/Microsoft
- **/"anthony ber"/"Local Settings"/"Application Data"/"Move Networks"
- **/"anthony ber"/"Local Settings"/"Application Data"/Macromedia

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