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[RP] Re: ratpoison idea

From: twb
Subject: [RP] Re: ratpoison idea
Date: Sat Apr 5 07:31:10 2003

> Mike Warren <address@hidden> writes:
> > I don't know how feasible this might be, but: it would be neat to
> > combine the idea of smaller windows from LarsWM and/or the idea of
> > sort of iconic-windows from Enlightenment so that either all the time
> > or when you do C-t w, you see:
> > 
> > *snip*
> > 
> > The little-windows could have numbers in their corners so one can
> > easily do a C-t 0 or whatever to go to a window in which something
> > interesting just happened (like maybe your log-tailer just produced a
> > bunch of new output or something).
> > 
> > Thoughts?
> Hi Mike,
> Hmm, this sounds a bit wanky. You're lucky GNUS didn't just pipe your
> mail to /dev/null with words like Enlightenment...
> What would be gained from this? Is the window list that exists now
> somehow inadequate? I think it would be neat, but I'm having trouble
> understanding why it would be useful. What do you gain from having a
> scaled copy of what the window looked like? Would it mostly be a waste
> of valuable screen space?
> *snip* 
> Shawn

Maybe it's  just me, but  I think stacking  the items in the windows
list one on top of another (like  ratmenu does for menu items) would
increase  readability many-fold.

I presume this is very bloating,  as currently everything uses a
unified function to print a single string in the msgbox.


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