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Re: [qvm86-devel] more test - and problems

From: Paul Brook
Subject: Re: [qvm86-devel] more test - and problems
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 16:08:34 +0100
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On Monday 18 April 2005 14:59, Jens Arm wrote:
> Hi
> I have tested some more qvm86.
> The speed is nice.
> If I boot the INSERT-CD (http://insert.cd) it boots without a reboot.
> If I then run inside INSERT in a root-shell "memtest 1 64M" qemu exit
> with the following error:
> >From syslog:
> Apr 17 12:24:06 tux kernel: Invalid physical address mapping 3facc000

This is a debugging hack I accidentally left in. It assumes the host only has 
512MB ram. It should be harmless, although the overhead of printing the 
message could slow down emulation a lot. I've disabled it now. 

> Apr 17 12:24:06 tux kernel: esp:00004e5c 44001000 ff400000

This is a real bug. It usually means something went wrong in the low-level 
qvm86 monitor code, and caused an unexpected CPU exception. I'll need to dig 
into the specific case before I can say any more.


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