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[qvm86-devel] Tech. Description

From: iksiloev
Subject: [qvm86-devel] Tech. Description
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2005 17:29:01 +0200

Congratulation! Fine thing, thanks.

Is it possible to get some technical insight of what this accelerator module
does? Yes, I know, I can look it up in the source. But if somebody already
knows, it would be much faster to get such a brief description.

- does the just-in-time compiler of qemu produces the same code as the source,
if not interferencing the emulation?
- does the accelerator module also make the mmu-emulation faster?

NB: The same is missing for the kqemu-module. For me, it is unclear how exactly
the acceleration by kqemu is realized. If somebody knows, this could give
valuable points also for the qvm86 module.

Thomas Irlet

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