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Re: [Qemu-trivial] [PATCH 1/4] Replace '-machine accel=xyz' with '-accel

From: Paolo Bonzini
Subject: Re: [Qemu-trivial] [PATCH 1/4] Replace '-machine accel=xyz' with '-accel xyz'
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2018 15:54:49 +0200
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On 13/06/2018 14:53, Thomas Huth wrote:
> On 13.06.2018 14:48, Paolo Bonzini wrote:
>> On 13/06/2018 07:05, Thomas Huth wrote:
>>> diff --git a/tests/vmgenid-test.c b/tests/vmgenid-test.c
>>> index 8d915c6..4324034 100644
>>> --- a/tests/vmgenid-test.c
>>> +++ b/tests/vmgenid-test.c
>>> @@ -131,7 +131,7 @@ static void read_guid_from_monitor(QemuUUID *guid)
>>>  static char disk[] = "tests/vmgenid-test-disk-XXXXXX";
>>>  #define GUID_CMD(guid)                          \
>>> -    "-machine accel=kvm:tcg "                   \
>>> +    "-accel kvm:tcg "                           \
>>>      "-device vmgenid,id=testvgid,guid=%s "      \
>> "-accel kvm:tcg" works, but it really shouldn't (and I think we can
>> change it without a deprecation period).   The right syntax would be
>> "-accel kvm -accel tcg", so that you can specify options that are valid
>> only for KVM, or onlty for TCG.
> I see your point, but this would break these qtests that are trying to
> override the "-machine accel=qtest" from libqtest.c this way...

The solution would be to put "-accel kvm -accel tcg" before "-accel qtest".

> and if
> any other tool out there in the wild is already depending on this
> behavior, too, we can not change it so easily anymore.

I think -accel is new and obscure enough that it's unlikely to be used
with a colon.  In my opinion, the risk is worth the benefit of finally
getting a proper interface for accelerators.


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