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[Qemu-stable] [ANNOUNCE] QEMU 2.4.1 Stable released

From: Michael Roth
Subject: [Qemu-stable] [ANNOUNCE] QEMU 2.4.1 Stable released
Date: Tue, 03 Nov 2015 17:29:20 -0600
User-agent: alot/0.3.6

Hi everyone,

I am pleased to announce that the QEMU v2.4.1 stable release is now
available at:


v2.4.1 is now tagged in the official qemu.git repository,
and the stable-2.4 branch has been updated accordingly:


In addition to the normal array of general bug fixes, this release
includes security fixes/hardening for virtio-net (CVE-2015-7295).
Users of QEMU or earlier should upgrade accordingly.

Thank you to everyone involved!


32d2413: Update version for 2.4.1 release (Michael Roth)
fc63922: virtio: sync the dataplane vring state to the virtqueue before 
virtio_save (Pavel Butsykin)
36e1eee: target-xtensa: add window overflow check to L32E/S32E (Max Filippov)
9137bd2: net: don't set native endianness (Michael S. Tsirkin)
08231cb: device-introspect-test: New, covering device introspection (Markus 
70a4483: libqtest: New hmp() & friends (Markus Armbruster)
3980985: tests: Fix how qom-test is run (Markus Armbruster)
db97d9d: macio: move DBDMA_init from instance_init to realize (Paolo Bonzini)
243b80c: hw: do not pass NULL to memory_region_init from instance_init (Paolo 
91232d9: memory: allow destroying a non-empty MemoryRegion (Paolo Bonzini)
d68ba3c: update-linux-headers: Rename SW_MAX to SW_MAX_ (Markus Armbruster)
381a290: trace: remove malloc tracing (Paolo Bonzini)
696317f: virtio-net: correctly drop truncated packets (Jason Wang)
c2a550d: virtio: introduce virtqueue_discard() (Jason Wang)
a64d4ca: virtio: introduce virtqueue_unmap_sg() (Jason Wang)
2f99c80: virtio-input: ignore events until the guest driver is ready (Gerd 
f62c10b: Migration: Generate the completed event only when we complete (Dr. 
David Alan Gilbert)
8c4fa92: util/qemu-config: fix missing machine command line options (Tony 
7c22dcd: s390x/kvm: Fix vector validity bit in device machine checks (Christian 
1651436: misc: zynq_slcr: Fix MMIO writes (Peter Crosthwaite)
55b4efb: Revert "qdev: Use qdev_get_device_class() for -device <type>,help" 
(Markus Armbruster)
2874c65: qdev: Protect device-list-properties against broken devices (Markus 
2d0583f: qmp: Fix device-list-properties not to crash for abstract device 
(Markus Armbruster)
40161bf: vmxnet3: Drop net_vmxnet3_info.can_receive (Fam Zheng)
2935ae9: virtio-net: unbreak self announcement and guest offloads after 
migration (Jason Wang)
2f3c310: virtio: avoid leading underscores for helpers (Cornelia Huck)
1f21d3b: target-ppc: fix xscmpodp and xscmpudp decoding (Aurelien Jarno)
bac9ce9: target-ppc: fix vcipher, vcipherlast, vncipherlast and vpermxor 
(Aurelien Jarno)
33fca85: tcg/mips: Fix clobbering of qemu_ld inputs (James Hogan)
a479b21: qom: Fix invalid error check in property_get_str() (Markus Armbruster)
d11ff15: qom: Do not reuse errp after a possible error (Markus Armbruster)
1b8e1f7: ide: unify io_buffer_offset increments (John Snow)
e00bf9e: slirp: Fix non blocking connect for w32 (Stefan Weil)
78aeb69: nbd: release exp->blk after all clients are closed (Wen Congyang)
6d62d0e: spapr_pci: fix device tree props for MSI/MSI-X (Michael Roth)
5644f6f: gtk: use setlocale() for LC_MESSAGES only (Alberto Garcia)
63d7613: ide: fix ATAPI command permissions (John Snow)
c13b1c8: qcow2: Make size_to_clusters() return uint64_t (Max Reitz)
052677b: target-arm: Share all common TCG temporaries (Richard Henderson)
0fdf9f7: virtio dataplane: adapt dataplane for virtio Version 1 (Pierre Morel)
d077545: cpus.c: qemu_mutex_lock_iothread fix race condition at cpu thread init 
(Aníbal Limón)
f673760: rtl8139: Do not consume the packet during overflow in standard mode. 
(Vladislav Yasevich)
d2b0f96: rtl8139: Fix receive buffer overflow check (Vladislav Yasevich)
a004318: s390x/css: start with cleared cstat/dstat (Cornelia Huck)
b51715e: PPC: E500: Update u-boot to commit 79c884d7e4 (Alexander Graf)
267bc47: scripts/dump-guest-memory.py: fix after RAMBlock change (Michael S. 
955ff14: vhost-scsi: fix wrong vhost-scsi firmware path (Gonglei)
71b6858: mac_dbdma: always clear FLUSH bit once DBDMA channel flush is complete 
(Mark Cave-Ayland)
9a20cca: qemu-img: Fix crash in amend invocation (Max Reitz)
d9af731: block/nfs: fix calculation of allocated file size (Peter Lieven)
637dd0b: exec-all: Translate TCI return addresses backwards too (Peter 
2ac9fa1: block/iscsi: validate block size returned from target (Peter Lieven)
5b7d840: target-arm/arm-semi.c: Fix broken SYS_WRITE0 via gdb (Peter Maydell)
0de7d2b: mirror: Fix coroutine reentrance (Kevin Wolf)
f399ea0: scsi-disk: Fix assertion failure on WRITE SAME (Fam Zheng)

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