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Seeking Help with Select Cases by Multiple Variable Criteria in version

From: Toi James
Subject: Seeking Help with Select Cases by Multiple Variable Criteria in version PSPP 0.7.9
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2013 10:51:24 -0500

I'm using PSPP version 0.7.9.  I'm working with a dataset of children K-12, and 
I need to be able to run analyses by grade level.  I've tried the Select Case 
by Variable option, but it only allows me to select the variable.  It does not 
offer an option to select criteria within that variable.

I've searched online for answers.  All say there is no way to do it with 
buttons in the interface.  One suggests that I just write the syntax.  When I 
tried the suggestion (e.g., SELECT IF Grade = 1), it only works for one 
criterion.  For example, I can't select for grades 1 and 2.  It could be that 
the syntax is wrong (I am a syntax novice; the SPSS interface as spoiled me), 
but I would like to figure this out so that I can continue to use PSPP.

1) Is there a way to select for multiple criteria by variable in PSPP?
2) If so, how?
3) What syntax format will work to accomplish selecting multiple criteria 
within a variable in PSPP?
4) If it is not available in the interface, when will this feature be available 
for the syntax-challenged in the user-friendly interface?


PS. Reading the Smart Questions document can be very intimidating if you're not 
a programmer.  Thankfully my quest for knowledge is greater than my fear of 
looking stupid.

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