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[Pan-users] Upgrade to Natty Narwhall, still problems

From: Orlok Nosferatu
Subject: [Pan-users] Upgrade to Natty Narwhall, still problems
Date: Mon, 09 May 2011 06:32:51 +0000

Hi all,

In the message 'Problems downloading binaries' sent on 4/10/11 I told you about 
the problems I have downloading messages off headers containing binaries. What 
I learned from Duncan was that this might have been caused by a version 
conflict in my GMIME libraries. Because I could not find a direct link with an 
installation date and the date I stopped downloading binaries I decided to do a 
clean install of Ubuntu. As it happens I choose the installation date to be the 
same as the day Natty Narwhall came out. Anyway, now I should have no version 
conflict in my packages, shouldn't I? I now  have the following GMIME installed:

To make a short story long, I still have problems downloading binaries. After 
the upgrade I still had the old .pan2 directory, so the download I got still 
had history. After quiting Pan and removing all .pan2 directories I tried 
again. And again after downloading All headers (Get Headers ... --> Get all 
headers) 'headers of binary posts' stop being downloaded after March 12th, 

So what options do I have? And where can I create a new bug for Pan?


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