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[Pan-users] Help request please: Latest Xquartz is causing some visual a

From: SciFi
Subject: [Pan-users] Help request please: Latest Xquartz is causing some visual artifacts in Pan.
Date: Tue, 3 May 2011 17:49:46 -0500

[I tried sending this via Gmane, but it has not appeared in 24-hours.
 Let me go thru the email system to repost this now.]


I upgraded to the latest Xquartz-2.6.2, which is a group of volunteers
enhancing Apple's X11 subsystem.

They have updated many subcomponents of X, and something is now causing
noticable visual artifacts in Pan.

I'll try attaching a PNG image file to this message -- it's a screen-grab
of my latest build of Pan (the lostcoder/testing branch).  On it I've drawn
two red rectangles to point to the problems.
1)  Note the Subject in the upper area, and how the lines get written into
the Pan area there -- sometimes the other columns are affected this way,
2)  Down at the bottom, I am downloading a file, and note how the white
text is "leading" the green box way too far ahead.
3)  When trying to highlight some text for a copy+paste operation, the text
is drawn white very similar to the way #2 is shown.  (I can't do a proper
screen-grab of this to show you.)

You can see what-all the Xquartz team have done, at these URLs:
It's under the "Changes" sections.
2.6.1 is the biggest chunk of changes, and the first time I noticed these
visual artifacts; I'd hoped 2.6.2 might "fix" something before I reported
it here, but obviously it didn't help.

I have tried to recompile Pan, but have left the gtk+/glib/etc parts alone.
I think the 2.6.1 upgrade had way too many updates in lots of components --
I'm a bit worried that we're being forced to use libpng-1.5.1 now, and the
other updates listed there.  (My Pan _will_ show PNG pix just fine, tho.)
I am probably going to be forced to upgrade nearly everything Pan uses.
So I am hoping that gtk+/glib/etc are ready for these changes along with
Pan itself?  Does anyone know?

Thanks for any help.

PNG image

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