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[Pan-users] Re: New version of pan ?

From: Petr Kovar
Subject: [Pan-users] Re: New version of pan ?
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2011 20:42:15 +0100


Valeryan_24, Sat, 15 Jan 2011 11:52:37 +0100:


> As I luckily can, regularly I do small donations to many projects, but I 
> could also give more to one project / developer to code a soft / feature 
> I need (but this would not be thousands $ of course...). So question is: 
> regarding today's Pan situation, available patches / code, do you have 
> an idea how much time it could take to update a new version and create 
> rpm / deb packages available in last 32 & 64 main distributions, and 
> correct future critical bugs ? Just to know if this is something 
> realistic or utopic, if it could interest a developer with free time, a 
> student, what it would cost etc...
> I just speak here on the programming task, your mail also refers to the 
> project leading, and that's also another responsibility.

So to sum it up, what would it take to roll out a new release and
distribute it to users via standard channels...

First off, someone who eventually takes the responsibility to do the
release needs to have a GNOME developer account with write access to, and also Pan website (quite easily obtainable given Charles'
consent, that is).

Second, one needs to merge K Haley's appropriate branch (I believe this is
called 'testing' in the repository, please correct me if I'm
wrong) with the master branch in the Pan official repository at

Third, do the actual release, tag it in the repository, make tarball,
install it to

Fourth, update the Pan website accordingly, send out announcement
message about the new release.

One's done. Now packagers need to pick up on one's work, make a package
update with new release and distribute it to their users. This includes the
Pan installer for Windows done by Steve Davies.

As I said before, having a developer account, I'm willing to help out with
that process, but I need someone with real knowledge of C++ to back it up.
(Winking at K Haley here.) :-)

Petr Kovar

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