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RE: [Pan-users] Re: Grouping subscribed newsgroups

From: Jonathan Wirch
Subject: RE: [Pan-users] Re: Grouping subscribed newsgroups
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 06:41:33 -0500

Great! I'll give it a try, thanks.

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Subject: [Pan-users] Re: Grouping subscribed newsgroups

On Tue, 17 Feb 2004 18:37:02 -0500, Jonathan Wirch wrote:

> Is there currently a way to group subscribed newsgroups into different
> types of folders while inside Pan. Basically the window pane shows all
> subscribed newsgroups and they are in alpha order rather then by user
> defined subject. If its not a current feature..any chance of adding it in?

No, there is no feature like this currently, though AFAIK it is planned.

There is a workaround, though:

Create "Server"s that correspond to the groupings you'd like to see.
Different "Server"s in Pan can point to the same physical newsserver. So,
for example, I have a Server in Pan called "Palm" which points to
my.isps.newsserver and contains all the Palm OS related newsgroups. I also
have a Server called "PocketPC" (OK, so I don't really... I dislike
PocketPCs, but you get the idea...) which points to my.isps.newsserver
(the same one) and contains all my PocketPC related newsgroups.

It's not ideal, but it works for now ;)


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