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[Pan-users] Some gltiches and feature req

From: Rich
Subject: [Pan-users] Some gltiches and feature req
Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2004 09:29:58 -0400


The offline feature works nice - I don't get flooded any more and lose
all my queued requests.  However, I did find a glitch.  Once the max
limit occurs, I cannot use that server again.  My news provider has a
daily limit, once reached, they stop access but resume after midnight. 

Pan leaves the limit error message in the status bar and doesn't reset
until I exit out and restart Pan.

Since the news provider only places limits on a per server basis, they
offer 5 servers to spread out the leeching.  So the exact same articles
are available on the other servers.  

Here are some glitches and requests. :)

1) When server reaches max, message in status stays in status bar
locking out that connection.  Never resets or can be cleared - only when
pan is restarted.
2) When the max is reached, pan is placed in offline mode. However, the
queued entries will keep attempting to download when the offline button
is toggled for the new server.
3) When the offline mode has been activated due to too a max download
reached, when a new server is selected, the task list remains offline
when new items are requested from the new server.

1) Is it possible that the currently queued requests can be reassigned
to the new server connection when you click on-line. 
2) Can an On Hold/Off Hold toggle be added to the task list to address
the issue in Problem #2 above.  By placing the requests for the maxed
out server on hold, pan can remain online for the next server selected
and can process the new requests without attempting the tasks for the
maxed out server.
3) Save attachments as subject name.  When you save an attachment, have
the option to rename the decoded file with the subject line. Often
times, the resulting filename is undecipherable.
4) Option to have logs saved automatically.  The status log that is
shown gets wiped on restart or with the clear button.  This is fine,
however having a log appended to would be great if you accidentally
close out pan or clear it by mistake. 


The transition to gtk2 is looking and working very nicely.
I notice many speed enhancements from previous versions.
Keep up the great work!



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