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[Pan-users] memory leak?

From: Ron
Subject: [Pan-users] memory leak?
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2004 21:51:43 +0100

evening all

New to this maillinglist but I have been using pan for quite a while
now. This has made me want to ask the following question about pan
version 0.14.2. This is the version that comes with Garnome 0.27.1.

I use this version to download mp3's and movies. These groups are
huge!!!!. I have noticed that after using pan for a while my system
starts swapping like none other. Usually I am running with 2-3% swap
(java, netbeans, tomcat, evolution, galeon are usually all running).
after using pan for a while swap will go up to 69-80% and stay there,
even after closing Pan.

Is there a confirmed memory leak? Is there something I can do to help
confirm there is a memory leak?

Ron Smits

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