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[Pablo-devel] I did take a look at the code:

From: Ries van twisk
Subject: [Pablo-devel] I did take a look at the code:
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 20:43:43 +0100

Hi Abhi,

I do this by mail because properly I don't have much time at my work.
Here are some toughts:
1) in the class Frame I see a 'selected_flag' i don't think it should be
there. It's better IMHO to remove it and create two PtrLists:
- One list for all frames on the document/page
- One list for all frames that are selected.
We can store both list in the frame class itself as a point to a
QPtrList. This will add 4 bytes off memory to the class but this is I
thing much cleaner and it allows us to create groups of frames. If we
don't use grouped frame then we should add it the the Page class:  
QPtrList<Frame_Info> frame_list; QPtrList<Frame_Info>
selected_frame_list; A group off frame is extreemly useble when doing
repeated actions on a lot of pages. in that case it will save is 4 bytes
of memory. give it a tought....

2) I see that code for frame positioning and frame size is still
seperated from eachother. Peronally I think that's a extreemly bad way
of OO design. The power of OO is to combine both code and values so a
object can 'maintain' itself. Ofcource this is not a 'xtrict' world but
should be followed where we can. Can you point me to a side on where
they explain this design and the advantage/disadvantage of it?

3) I don't understand wy we have q Point3D. Is it because we need to put
frame after a other frame or on top of a other frame? If so way don't we
follow the QptrList, first item is bottom and every next items is on top
of the other item?

i'll try to get on chat tommorrow morning.. Same time


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