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Re: [octave forge] releasing and template Makefiles

From: Juan Pablo Carbajal
Subject: Re: [octave forge] releasing and template Makefiles
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2019 23:17:26 +0100

> In my opinion, asking each package maintainer to have a "maintainer
> Makefile" at the root of its package was not a good idea in the first

This is very personal I agree, but what would be the alternative to
simplify/automate the building, checking install process?

> I prefer the approach of R which provides simple commands such R CMD
> check, R CMD build, R CMD install, etc. [1].
> Similarly in Rust : cargo build, cargo doc, cargo install, etc. [2].
What is the infrastructure needed to do this?

Please note the that one of the core problems of Octave Forge is
manpower, implementing more infrastructure is probably out of the
One could reduce the need for control/curation (e.g. as many other
languages do), this was partly achieved by allowing pkg to install
form urls.
Or we can automatize as much as we can so all contributors can do it
if they wish to (including releasing, which now is totally

I will collect Mike's contributions, and see if I can split the
current monolithic template.

@Kai: yes, releases are currently stalled.

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