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Re: Minimum version of Windows for default branch

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: Minimum version of Windows for default branch
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2019 02:35:42 -0400
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On 3/10/19 2:07 PM, Rik wrote:

We could probably still use older (deprecated) Windows API functions until they 
will finally be removed in a future Windows version. But in the light of more 
and more dependencies dropping support for Windows XP, would it be OK to 
require Windows Vista or newer?

This seems fine to me.  Developer time is limited, and supporting ancient operating systems is not a high priority.

The last XP release was almost 10 years ago. Support ended almost 5 years ago. If people want to do retro computing, then I recommend also using retro apps that match the obsolete OS.

Seriously though, if our dependencies are not supporting XP, then what can we do? If it were just a few features that didn't work properly then we could probably work around the issue. But I think most XP users wouldn't want a version of Octave without the GUI.

Octave is free software. People are free to do whatever is necessary to support old operating systems if they choose to do so. But I agree with Rik, supporting XP is not a high priority for me either.


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