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Re: RC1 Candidate

From: Markus Mützel
Subject: Re: RC1 Candidate
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2019 16:15:01 +0100

Am 27. Januar 2019 um 15:43 Uhr schrieb "Anadi Kashyap"
> So the "Contents of test/fntests.log: " was the reason I had to scroll so 
> high up. 
I don't know why "make check" would echo fntests.log to the standard output. It 
doesn't do that for me when I run make check for builds from the stable or 
default branch on Ubuntu. But the buildbots do the same (where it is actually 
useful). So there might be some build system option that turns that on or off.
Maybe someone who better knows the build system can shed some light on this.

> Anyways, the summary is as follows for my macOS Mojave 10.14:
> Summary:
>   PASS                            15462
>   FAIL                                6
>   REGRESSION                          1
>   XFAIL (reported bug)               44
>   SKIP (missing feature)             37
>   SKIP (run-time condition)          40

So you are seeing 6 fails and 1 regression compared to the 4 (known) fails 
Andrew reported for Homebrew.
Could you please attach the full fntests.log with the test results?


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